Tesslan Dog Spa  © 2014  Privacy policy

Cancellation notice: In order to schedule grooming appointments for the convenience of our clients, we must make maximum use of every appointment slot. We confirm all appointments by email or a reminder call. Clients who cancel fewer than 24 hours before their appointment or who do not show up for a scheduled appointment will be rescheduled only after other clients have been accommodated. We reserve the right to decline future appointments for clients who fail to keep a scheduled appointments without adequate prior notice.  Tesslan Dog Spa may require a deposit in advance for a schedule grooming in the future.

Late pick-up: Due to the fact we practice only low stress dog handling in a cage free environment, we require our customers to make arrangement for pickup of your dog if something occurs in your schedule.  All dogs brought in for grooming must be picked up within  30-45 minutes of the time the client is informed the dog is ready. Small dogs remaining after that time will be placed in daycare and a daycare fee of $20.00 will be charged. However since our daycare is designed only for small dogs, big dogs will be charged $15.00 per hour. We reserve the right to decline future appointments for clients who fail to pick up their pets on time.

De-matting: Heavily matted dogs require additional time to de-mat. A de-matting fee of $1 per minute will be charge. This charge will only occur for dogs able to handle  De-matting.  De-matting is painful and stressful to the dog we will decline to de-mat any dog who cannot tolerate this service.  On admission we will ask owner to make a decision for de-mating or shave down. 

Estimating Fees:  We do our best to give clients estimate of grooming cost.  It is not a guaranteed price of actual grooming service.  Actual pricing will be determined by the condition and behavior of your dogs.    

Behavioral issues: We will make every attempt to groom uncooperative dog, but we may not be able to complete grooming on pets that pose a threat to themselves, other pets or our groomers. We reserve the right to decline a return appointment for pets whose behavior makes it unsafe for us to groom them.

Payment: Payment is due when service is rendered by cash or credit/debit card only. Checks are not accepted.