Tesslan Dog Spa will care and groom dogs of all sizes and breeds.  All grooming sessions include a massaging bath and relaxing facials.

Tesslan Dog Spa is not a high volume dog grooming shop.  ​Our low stress techniques does not require the crating of your dog. We want your dog to have the most pleasant dog grooming experience possible.

Grooming Consulting

Our groomers are trained to help answer any of your question. If you'd rather get answers before coming by the office, give us a call! 

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Elderly Dogs 

We groom all elderly dogs. We understand the patience needed. We can groom your dog in a way most relaxing for them. To ensure each grooming visit is successful. We will recommend some tips for you before bringing your dog in for grooming.

Things you can do:

1. Bathroom Break before you drop off Please make sure to let your pup “do their business” (i.e. go to the bathroom) before bringing them for their grooming appointment.  Of course, if your dog has special needs we will accommodate them as requested. Very young or very old dogs are usually the ones with the most issues, so if you know this about your dog please schedule your appointment on a day that you will be available to pick up as soon as we call you.

2. If you have a very “high energy” pup, a long walk before you come in makes the process better for everyone, but most importantly your dog. Actually, every dog will benefit from doing this.

3. Medical Issues:

If your dog has had ANY medical issues in the past, please let us know. Knowledge of things like arthritis, ACL repairs, seizures, skin issues, moles, etc, help us take the best care of your pup and keep an eye out for any symptoms. Of course, we will alert you if we find anything you need to keep an eye out for such as ear infections, suspicious bumps/growths, etc. However, we are NOT vets, so we will just let you know that it’s something you need to keep an eye on or talk to your vet about. Doggy Dayare in Bellevue Tesslan Dog Spa in Bellevue dog grooming

4. Personality

If your dog has any behavioral issues, please let us know about these as well (doesn’t like other dogs, doesn’t like their feet touched, etc.) Do NOT be embarrassed. We all have our “issues”! We do not let the dogs interact with each other, again for safety reasons.

5. Rabies Vaccine

We HAVE to have your current rabies vaccination records on file. Unfortunately, we can't take just a rabies tag - we need the actual expiration date. We are happy to call & verify the expiration date with your vet, or you can bring in your paperwork. If we have made arrangements with you to bring them in, please don’t forget them.

Contact us About our Self Wash services

Need to wash your dog after having fun outside come in and try out our self washing facitilies

Dog Services Tips From Tess.

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We are seeking an experienced dog groomer and bather thats willing to share their talent along with learning the Tesslan Dog Spa Brand. We are looking to hire a qualified candidate for our Bellevue Washington location. 

Tips before grooming 


Tesslan Awards 

Tesslan Dog Spa provides a relaxing environment.  We only used Low Stress Dog
Grooming Techniques.  We only desire to give you and your dog the most pleasant grooming experience possible. Tesslan Dog Spa also provides day care your dog will received a positive stay with personal loving and compassionate attention they deserve from our staff.

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