All grooming services are done in a low stress handling and environment with aromatherapy and calming music.

 A "preferred client" selects a standard interval between grooming services (up to 8 weeks for a groom pet and up to 12 weeks for a bath pet) and makes their pet's next appointment in advance, at the time of check out from the previous appointment.  A "preferred client" will get free nail trim in between grooming. 

All clients receive 10% off for first visit.

All "preferred clients" are encouraged and welcomed to come in every 3-4 weeks for free nail trim and brush out.

Grooming Dogs:

Small (up to 25 lbs): $75 and up

Medium (up to 45 lbs): $85 and up

Large (up to 75 lbs): $105 and up

Extra Large (over 100 lbs): $125 and up

Full Service Groom includes:

*Massaging bath

*Relaxing Blueberry facial massage

*Ears cleaned

*Hand blow dry with "Happy Hoodie" to protect

 ears from loud noise

*Nails trim and file

*Clipping and scissoring as necessary to owner's


*Bow, flower or bandana

Bath Dogs (Long hair):

Small (up to 25 lbs): $55 and up

Medium (up to 45 lbs): $75 and up

Large (up to 75 lbs): $95 and up

Extra Large (over 100 lbs): $115 and up

Bath Dogs (short hair):

Small (up to 25 lbs): $50 and up

Medium (up to 45 lbs): $70 and up

Large (up to 75 lbs): $80 and up

Extra Large (over 100): $100 and up

Full Service Bath includes:

*Massaging bath

*Relaxing blueberry facial massage

​*Hand blow dry with "Happy Hoodie" to protect

 ears from loud noise

*Nails trim and file

*Brush out

*Bow, Flower, Bandana

Dog Grooming Service and Small Dog Daycare Tesslan Dog Spa in Bellevue

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Flea and Tick Control: Estimated Pricing depending on size. We offer a flea bath using a natural flea shampoo. Additional fee applies based upon how much flea shampoo is required. 

We always try to detect fleas and ticks on a dog prior to beginning the bathing/grooming process.  Sometimes we do not notice the fleas or ticks until after the bath.  If we need to re-bath your dog an associated charge will be added as this adds additional time to the grooming process and for the fumigating clean-up process to clean the shop afterwards.

De-Skunking:  Estimated Pricing depending on size.. We offer a bath with a natural citrus based de-skunking shampoo. We are successful in removing about 95-100% of the skunk odor, depending on how much and where your dog was sprayed. Skunk spray is very oily and the smell will linger for days, everywhere your dog touched! 

Overgrown /Packed Undercoat – Minimum charge of $10-$20 depending on size of the dog and type of coat.  A dog is considered overgrown if they have not been groomed with-in 8/12 weeks of their last appointment.  Packed undercoat is when a dog is blowing their coat and has not been brushed out.  The dead hair is usually packed in certain areas requiring additional time to blow and/or brush out.

De Matting $1.00 per minute.  (We prefer not to stress your dog with de matting. Our staff will take great patience during de matting.  However completion depends on the dog’s temperament and how much de matting is require . )

Dog Sitting Fee: -$15 per hour late pick-up without notification, per large dog. Small dogs late pickup an additional $20 daycare will be charge. We are a cage free environment and groom based on set appointment times.  We ask that you are able to pick your dog up with-in 45 minutes of completion of the grooming when called. 

No Show Fee: a no-show fee for missed appointments is full cost of grooming or bathing services.  We all have busy schedules and realize that sometimes things come up that are out of our control.  Missed appointments will result in enforcement of the no-show fee.

Additional Services:

*Shed-Less Treatment/Dematting Prices:

 Small short hair dog (up to 25 lbs): $30

 Small long hair dog (up to 25 lbs): $45

 Medium short hair dog (up to 45 lbs): $55

 Medium long hair dog (up to 45 lbs): $65

 Large short hair dog (up to 75 lbs): $55

 Large long hair dog (up to 75 lbs): $65

 Extra large short hair dog (over 100 lbs): $70

 Extra large long hair dog (over 100 lbs): $90 up

Special Spa Package (additional $20 with groom or bath service):

*Special shampoo ( medicated)

*Special conditioner depending on time spent*

PlaqClnz Treatment (additional $20 with groom or bath service):

*Teeth brushing

 Services offered after 3PM (until 4:30PM): No Appointment Required

*Nail Trim: $10

*Nail File: $10

*Nail Trim & File, $15

*Nail Trim, File and Pad Shave: $25

*Face trim (on clean and dry faces only): $15

*Sanitary trim (on clean bottom): $15

*Pads trim: $15

*Face, feet, and sanitary trim (on clean face and feet): $35

Doggy Treadmill Service:

10 minutes exercise: $20

20 minutes exercise: $35