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Meet Tess  

Owner and Groomer

~~TESS JONES- Growing up in Vietnam during the war, my family and I moved too often to have pets. At the age of 10, I was my mother’s only labor coach. The experience inspired me to become a registered nurse and gave me a great appreciation for the quality of life for people. This passion spilled over to loving animals of all kinds. After working for 18 years as a Labor and Delivery nurse and Childbirth Educator in Wisconsin, I started home schooling my two children and caring for foster children on a five acre hobby farm. We raised goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, and rabbits. I assisted in birthing many goat kids and lambs. We also had pet cats, guinea pigs, dwarf hamsters, and ferrets. My love for dogs started when Murphy, an 8 month old rescued female Doberman mix, came into our lives in 1996. When we relocated to WA in 2001, Murphy helped me foster and rehabilitate many dogs in my home. She was my constant companion after my children moved away for college, helping me cope with my empty nest. Murphy passed away at the age of 14. I have dedicated my life to dog care ever since, taking classes in grooming and massaging, and gaining experience in several local grooming facilities over the years. Currently, I live with my husband Bryan and our two dogs Yogi, a red mini poodle, and Sophie, a tiny rescued toy poodle. Inspired by Murphy and all the dogs in my life, I started Tesslan Dog Spa. My goal is to provide quality grooming with low stress handling, canine massage and doggy daycare for the Eastside community.